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February 17, 2019


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Leadership & Life Skills Training

Develop confidence and skills needed to become a leader.

Programs Include:

Leadership Camp

Through a two-week camp, you can develop the necessary skills to become great leaders of tomorrow, including your communication skills. You can also explore your identity and unleash your potential to take charge of the future and lead change.

Leadership Training

Develop the required skills and knowledge to organize and promote events and projects. Initiate…Plan…Execute…Control…Close

Life Skills Training

Surrounded by questions? Need to make choices? Come join the IYC for Life Skills Training where you will learn skills such as decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and much more. Increase your confidence and learn how to become a strong leader in your life.

Youth Facilitator Training (Humanitarian Issues Program)

Introduction to Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement. Learn how to facilitate workshops in Humanitarian Issues such as 'Children and War', 'International Humanitarian Law', and 'Active Global Citizenship'.