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October 19, 2018


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Social Engagement

Be active and learn to be involved in the community with other people. Build a strong social support network.

Programs Include:

Games Tournaments

We have a variety of Game Tournaments throughout the year, whether be it video games, board games or table games. Example: Table-tennis, foosball, Counter Strike, Mario Kart, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, and many more. We always welcome new ideas. Contact us if you have one!

Girls' Night

Increase your sense of belonging by connecting with other girls and participating in fun activities such as nutrition, movies, fashion, games, and more. Come to a friendly space where you can share your happiness, frustrations and experiences with other girls.

Movie Nights

Come out for fun movie nights at the IYC and mingle with other youth. Vote for the movie you want to watch and we will show it. We will provide the popcorn too!

Youth Nights

Bring your friends to fun night where you can meet new people. Enjoy refreshments, games, and performances. We are always looking for volunteer performers as well as volunteer Event Planners to plan a Youth Night. Some of our past Youth Nights include: Thanksgiving, New Year, Halloween, Lunar New Year, etc.