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November 16, 2018


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iCAN Committee - Youth Council

The IYC Community Action Network (iCAN) represents youth voices within the IYC. They help newcomer youth integrate within the community by planning events, creating awareness on different topics such as multiculturalism. They also get youth at IYC involved by creating volunteer opportunities. The iCAN Committee provides members with an excellent opportunity to develop leadership and team skills. All members are expected to be committed for at least one academic year usually running from July to June. The recruitment process requires an application and an interview and usually takes place in May or June.

For more information about how to join the committee, contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator at Ext. 207.

Current iCAN Committee Members (2014-2015)

Ashvi Shah

Debol Pu

Jade Yan

Leo Li

“I joined the ICAN Committee because I love to help others. By volunteering, I feel that I am actually contributing to our community. I really appreciate to be one of the members of the ICAN Committee. As one of the people who plan for volunteering events, I enjoy meeting with immigrant youth. A lot of the times, volunteering provides me with meaningful skills and memorable experiences. Also, I feel that volunteering acts as an important part of the society. I believe that by volunteering, our community will become better.”

Selina Wang

“Hello everyone, I’m Selina, a new ICAN Committee member for the year 2014-2015. Along with seven other outstanding individuals, we seek to benefit newcomer youths in different aspects according to their needs.  At the same time, we would also like those who received help from us to communicate their benefits to others. In this way, our team could reach out to more people. I really look forward to collaborating with the team this year and developing into a leader in the community.”

Tony Wang

“Hi everyone, I am Tony Wang, an IYC iCAN Committee member. I decided to join this committee to give back since I was once a newcomer to Canada and received a lot of help from the youth workers from IYC. I wanted to help other newcomers and contribute back to this committee. Also being a member of iCAN gives me valuable experiences that will help me along the way in the future.”

Wendy Jiang

“Hello everyone, my name is Wendy Jiang and I am a student at Markville Secondary School. I like photography, music and volunteering since they make me happy. I always seek around for volunteering experiences and I am always excited to meet new people. Being a part of this committee has been great and I hope to have fun and at the same time, gain many skills as a member of the ICAN committee.”

Zeyu Guan 

“My name is Zeyu Guan and I joined the iCAN Committee about a year ago. Joining this committee has been amazing. During this short period, I have gained lots of experience. In this committee, everyone has his/her own strengths and abilities. When they express their ideas, I enjoy benefitting from their thoughts. Moreover, joining the iCAN has helped me build up my confidence and improve my abilities in presenting my ideas to others.”


Some Past Events Organized by the iCAN Committee

100 in 1 Day Toronto Intervention 

Art Exhibition

Breast Cancer Awareness


Volunteer Fair 

Crafts-Making for Sick Kids Hospital 

Games Booth at Markham Expo 

Halloween Party


Past iCAN Committee Members

Andy Yang

Emmy Fang

Euphy Huang 

Jessica Ma

Joelle Leung

Josephine Tseng 

Keshma Mehta

Kevin Tang

Reico Lee

Shloka Saini

Shrumit Mehta 

Teresa Zhu



What Some Past Members Have Said 


Emmy Fang

“I joined the iCAN Committee 4 months after I came to Canada and right after joining a leadership training at the IYC. I've learned a lot in this committee the last few years. Not only have I been able to practice my English, but I have also learned many skills in many areas.” 

Jessica Ma 

“Over the past few years with the ICAN Committee, I've been able to gain valuable skills and empower other youth. I really believe in what the IYC and iCAN Committee are doing for immigrant youth and I hope we are able to make a difference.“

Teresa Zhu

“When I first came to Canada, I joined the life skills and leadership program to polish my English and to strengthen my communication skills, at the same time to build my confidence. IYC had made my transition to Canada smoother and better, and I felt the obligation to give back to IYC and the community. My goal was to help other newcomer youth like me to settle in the community by organizing events that would benefit them in all aspects, and I was fortunate enough to become one of the members who originally started the committee. Throughout the four years with the committee, I have witnessed its growth from a fresh team to a youth council of IYC and I have seen my development from a newcomer youth to a leader in the community.”