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July 24, 2017


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Would you like to:

1. Get your 40 Hours of Community Service?
2. Get experience and learn skills which will enhance your resume or application to college or university?
3. Make friends and feel like part of a community?
4. Get resources and assistance with volunteering in the community at large?

In order to become an eligible volunteer at the Immigrant Youth Centre, you must attend a Volunteer Orientation (held every 2-3 months) and sign up for job categories you would like to volunteer in. Once you have attended an orientation you will be part of our volunteering mailing list and our Youth Services Coordinator will send out emails about volunteer positions as they become available.

Contact our Youth Services Coordinator Mario So Go (905) 294-8868 Ext.207 or email marioso.gao@cicscanada.com to register for a Volunteer Orientation.


Type of Volunteer Jobs that may be available at the IYC:

  • Youth Mentors
  • Special Events Assistants
  • Front Desk Receptionists
  • Youth Website Assistants
  • Blackboard Artists
  • Youth Council/ iCAN Committee
  • Program Assistants (ex ECC, HWC)
  • Volunteering Events
  • IYC Ambassadors
  • Summer Camp/March Break Counselors
  • Outreach/Promotion Assistants
  • Data Entry Assistants
  • Calendar Design
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Event Decorators
  • Event Helpers